The Pledge

Nike Baseball

The Pledge

“The Pledge,” sends the message that players of any sport can inspire team, coach, fan, rival and the world, showing that individual effort and success eventually lead to team success.

The ad depicts a young baseball player who makes a pledge for fair play at a baseball tournament, unconventionally emphasizing his own success at the game; Japanese pledges traditionally focus more on team spirit. “Ladies and gentlemen, we all stand before you, but… I ask you to watch me!” The surprised crowd at the stadium segues to those tuning in via radio and TV. Baseball legend Hideo Nomo, seen on a massage table, raises his head upon hearing the pledge from a TV. Pitcher Koji Uehara chuckles at the bold pledge while riding in a taxi.


Ladies and gentlemen,
We all stand before you,
I ask you to watch me!
I’m going to turn this place upside down.
Scouts will call me the 100-year monster.
My haircut will be a famous trend.
Even my smile will become a phenomenon.
I will stand out.
I will no longer be one of many.
I’ve given everything to be here.
And now it’s payback time.
I didn’t come here to be forgotten.


Agency – AKQA
Group Creative Direction – Masaya Nakade
Creative Direction – Davor Krvavac
Film – Wieden + Kennedy

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